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Продажа 2-х комнатной в центре киева



79m2 *

$ 1530 М2

* The area of the apartment is preliminary

and may change after putting the house into operation

Sale of a view 2-room apartment in the center of Kiev on the street. Antonovich 109

Total area 79.22 m2 * (the area may slightly change after the end of construction)

Usable area 33.72 m2

Number of rooms 2

Bedrooms 1

Floor 18

Floors 25

Year of construction of the house III quarter 2019

There is a system of access to the house

Concierge around the clock

Smart home system basic installation

Underground parking possible (not included in the price)

Assignment of property rights to a private investor is lower than the developer's price!



In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The floors in the apartment are screed

Double-chamber windows TM "Rehau", fittings with function


Balcony glazing single-chamber windows TM "Rehau"

Doors to the apartment are metal shockproof, fireproof,

with MDF plates

Heating pipes and radiators polyethylene pipes, metal pipes are installed

radiators made in Europe

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Assignment of property rights to an apartment in the Vladimirsky residential complex under construction.

The apartment is being sold by one of the developer's investors, which allows you to set the price below the developer's price.

The apartment is located on the 18th floor with a gorgeous view and a good orientation (southwest). Convenient layout, all rooms are separate, 2 bathrooms, a loggia and a balcony.

Business class residential building is located opposite the Vladimir market, one block from the Ukraine Palace and the metro station. The house has an underground parking and storage rooms in the basement. The house will be equipped with the basic set of the "smart home" system, which significantly saves the consumption of utilities, and also makes living in the house more comfortable. If desired, each apartment owner can add new functions to the "smart home" system.


In the residential complex of business class "Vladimirsky", the project provides for the installation of a basic configuration of the "smart home" system, which in the future will allow apartment owners to install advanced "Smart home" functions according to individual wishes. A reliable developer, when designing a house, laid such a standard package of "Smart Home" :

• control of access to the apartment;

• network of smart intercoms;

• outdoor video surveillance;

• cable system;

• metering of energy resources consumption;

• fire safety system.

Special sensors of the “Smart Home” system send all information to the owner's mobile application. Thus, even in his absence, the owner will be able to monitor the state of his own house. For example, motion sensors installed around the entire perimeter of the apartment will react to the appearance of unwanted guests, report it to your mobile and call security.

You can control the temperature regime from your smartphone: when you return home, you can reduce or increase the temperature of the heating or floor heating system in time for your own comfort. In the event of a water failure, remote control sensors will turn off the water supply in the kitchen or bathroom. The Smart Home system can be easily adapted to the needs of the apartment owner and his lifestyle, creating scenarios for different situations. For example, program the time for turning on and off the light in the apartment. With the Smart home system, you no longer have to worry about a closed door, an unplugged iron or any other emergency. The system automatically controls all processes and informs the owner about the state of the apartment.