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What must be indicated in the apartment transfer and acceptance certificate

You can read why to sign the Acceptance Certificate in the previous article "If you don't want problems with the lease, sign the Acceptance Certificate". However, it is equally important to correctly sign the deed if you rent out your apartment or rent a house. So, the document should have the name "Act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment to the lease agreement No. ____ dated / date /. It is imperative to indicate the connection with a specific lease agreement, its number and date. You also need to indicate the date of the act itself. This date indicates the fact of the start of the lease and usually, unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement, from this date the rent calculation begins. The act must indicate the full name of the parties to the agreement, as in the agreement itself. Also, the act indicates a mandatory standard phrase that one party accepts an apartment and property for rent, while the other transfers it. The indicators of the meters must be recorded. And, attention, a phrase must be written that the parties have or do not have claims to the state of the apartment and property.


How the apartment and property will be returned depends on what is written here. Do you like it when you gave someone a good thing to use, and they returned it spoiled to you, and even said that it was? And what if you took the spoiled thing for use, and upon its return you are accused that you spoiled it and still demand compensation for damage? That is why it is MANDATORY to write in detail all the elements of the furnishings and repairs of the dwelling being rented. Indicate the manufacturers of all household appliances and their specifications, if there is the slightest damage to surfaces or malfunctions, indicate this. I have heard cases when landlords rented out an apartment with a new imported washing machine without specifying its specification in the act, and they were returned an apartment with an old Soviet washing machine. It is better to indicate a detailed list in Appendix No. 1 to the Acceptance Certificate and in the act itself give a link to this appendix. The last clause of the act must indicate all the full details of the parties, as in the lease agreement itself and the signatures of the parties.

I wish you success!

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