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Renting an eco-cottage in the elite village "Maetok. The Pearl of Italy "11 km from Kiev.

Rent $ 4000 per month.

We offer for rent a stylish 240m2 house from the European architect Klimens in the Wright style.


“Maєtok. Pearl of Italy ”- in the suburbs of Kiev. Picturesque nature, favorable ecology, proximity to the capital, comfortable and high-quality premium real estate are the main advantages of this complex.
KG "Maetok. Pearl of Italy "- an elite cottage village in Ivankovichi, Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region, located 11 km from Kiev.
We offer for rent a stylish house of 240m2 from the European architect Zandi Klimens in the Wright style. A plot of 12 acres, flat, fenced, coniferous trees are planted around the perimeter, one side is adjacent to the forest with a stream. There is a well-groomed lawn on the plot, equipped with automatic irrigation. The territory of the town is guarded round the clock. A beam alarm with access to the security console is responsible for the safety of the house. The house has wide windows and thoughtful orientation to the cardinal points. The first floor with a spacious kitchen-dining room is made in pleasant light colors, as well as a guest room, a wardrobe, a guest bathroom, an office and a technical room. The spacious guest room has a cozy designer fireplace.
Second floor - recreation area, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The house uses modern technologies and only environmentally friendly materials.
Has its own well, as well as centralized water supply
The house has two electric and gas boilers.
Heated floors in corridors and bathrooms.
In the courtyard under a canopy, parking for 2 cars.
Rented for the first time
Price $ 4000 per month. Additionally paid:
• utilities about 2000 UAH / month.
• gardener $ 250
• club Card $ 250

Convenient transport links along the Dnieper highway, N01. In addition, minibuses run to Ivankovichi from the Vystavochny Tsentr metro station.
The cottage village is located in an ecologically clean area with a forested area and water bodies, away from noisy highways.
The cottage community has its own management service that works around the clock - you can call an electrician or plumber. For the convenience of residents, the town has a cleaning service, a car service, a car wash.
Among the advantages of having your own infrastructure:
• kindergarten "Dreamlandia";
• partner school "LIKO-School";
• medical office;
• playground;
• tennis courts;
• football field;
• forest park zone with an area of more than 45 hectares;
• a picturesque lake;
• asphalted access roads;
• centralized lighting;
• sidewalks paved with paving stones.
A ski complex is located 7 km from the cottage village. The territory of the KG is fenced around the perimeter, the entrance is through a checkpoint. Security is ensured by a professional security service working around the clock and video surveillance.
Call soon! Don't miss the opportunity to rent the best cottage!