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How to rent an apartment successfully, so that later the entire lease term does not regret it? Let me draw your attention in this article to five main points when renting a home, without which renting an apartment will be a bitter experience.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

It is usually difficult to appreciate some small problems the first time around, which can eventually turn into big ones. After reviewing thousands of apartments over 20 years of experience in real estate, I offer you some tips to help you when choosing a home to rent.

Let me tell you what to look out for when renting a home.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”


When entering the house where the potential apartment for rent is located, pay attention to the courtyard. How comfortable do you feel there? Is there a parking lot for your car? Isn't there a shared parking just under your windows?

Examine the front door to the house: whether there is an intercom or a combination lock, in what state is the door itself. After all, the front door to the house is the first outpost of the security of your home.

Next, pay attention to the lighting of the entrance, the graffiti on the walls, which can tell a lot about both neighbors and frequent visitors to the house.

Examine the elevator. If you have small children, special attention should be paid to the closure of the lift and its condition.

Also, when entering the staircase, it is important to sniff. The smell in the stairwell can tell you a lot: is there mold in the house, smokers, wiring problems.

Do not forget to draw your attention to the front door to the apartment: the quality, the number of locks, the serviceability of the bell, the presence of an intercom. It is advisable to immediately clarify the possibility of changing locks after previous tenants.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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“A good neighbor is closer to a relative” - there is a well-known saying. However, bad neighbors can ruin life for a long time. Probably, when you first visit an apartment for rent, it's too early to get to know your neighbors, but it's worth asking a question about them. Did the previous tenants have any conflicts with their neighbors, what kind of relations the owner of the apartment has with neighbors, and in general, are the neighbors aware that the tenants will live in the apartment? It is possible that scandalous neighbors will not want to endure the stomping of children or the barking of your dog, there are neighbors who are overly curious or just rowdy. It is impossible to list everything, but it is worth thinking about it in advance, or it is better to discuss with the owner of the property with the owner of the property even before signing the lease the issue of introducing an item into the agreement on the possibility of breaking the lease if the neighbors bother you unnecessarily. By the way, such a trick helps to bring the landlord to clean water. He is exactly aware of all the neighboring wars….

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Apartment inspection

When examining an apartment, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • the presence of unhealthy odors (mold, fungus, fumes, etc.)

  • the work of plumbing, as well as the presence of moisture at the pipe connection.

  • electrical appliances, sockets, switches and lamps. They must be carefully fixed and must not fall out of walls and ceilings, have no signs of burning or melting.

  • corners of rooms. Traces of flooding, fungus and other unwanted problems are possible on them.

  • Opening of internal doors. Doors should be closed quietly, without squeaking or applying force.

  • The integrity and cleanliness of the furniture.

  • Serviceability of household appliances. Here you just need to methodically walk around the apartment and turn on / off all the equipment, listen to the presence of unnecessary noise, etc.

Signing a lease agreement.

More precisely, negotiating a lease agreement. This is the most important step that will "introduce" you to your future landlord and help protect you from potential rental problems. The lease should be as detailed as possible. Anything that you do not write in the agreement will have to be discussed later, but at the same time you will not be in the best negotiating position. A good realtor will certainly offer you his own lease or make the necessary changes to the owner's lease. If you yourself are discussing the contract, then think about what problems may arise: terms of payment for rent and utilities and other services, breakdowns and repairs, visits to the owner of the apartment, conditions for an early break, conditions for the return of the apartment and a guarantee payment and many other important conditions ...

One of the important conditions that is always important to discuss is the impossibility of using the apartment due to its non-residential state. How would you feel if your neighbors flood you in a big way, or even worse, if your neighbors have a fire? By the way, if you do not provide for the conditions for the possibility of terminating the contract due to unbearable living conditions, you will have to pay rent in such an apartment even if you leave it.

In the process of negotiating a lease, of course, you should familiarize yourself with the original property rights. Enter in the name and details of the parties the passport data, identification code of all apartment owners. Make sure that the apartment is not pledged, otherwise the landlord must obtain permission from the lender to rent. You don't want to return home one day and find other owners there who bought an apartment from a bank?

Be sure to include in the contract the landlord's guarantee that at the time of signing the contract the apartment is not rented out, is not pledged, and third parties have no right to claim ownership of the apartment. If the apartment belongs to only one of the spouses, then the other must give written consent to rent. I prefer to write it directly into the contract.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Signing of the acceptance certificate of the apartment.

This is the final stage of the rental property and should not be missed. Some people confuse the concept of the date the lease was signed and the date the lease started. The start date of the lease must be the date of signing the acceptance certificate for the apartment and this must be written in the lease agreement itself. I strongly advise you to write the following things in the act:

  • Meter readings

  • Complete list of all furniture and equipment.

By registering the meter readings at the time of receiving the apartment, you will avoid unnecessary conflicts over the payment of utilities, and a complete list of all furniture, household appliances, lamps, dishes and other property, preferably indicating their specifications and condition, will also save the parties from possible claims.

In this article, I tried to give the basic and most important recommendations for the process of renting an apartment, in fact, there are much more nuances when renting, and it is better if you are accompanied by a professional realtor.

Gleb Denisenko

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