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Experience shows that the decision to rent this or that apartment is mostly subjective. Despite the fact that many tenants are serious about the choice of future housing, they make lists of criteria, they think for a long time, comparing the importance of criteria, in the end, approximately 65% ​​of tenants make spontaneous choices based on parameters that they did not even think about.

In my practice, there have been cases when an apartment was in the last place among other competitors by most criteria, but a modern kitchen with a multifunctional oven was installed in it, and it was this factor that influenced the final choice. In another case, the apartment was chosen only due to the successful combination of the color of the walls, curtains and painting in the living room. In the third case, the choice fell on an apartment only thanks to a cozy balcony, on which chairs, a table and a coffee machine were installed. The spouses clearly imagined how they would relax on the balcony with access to a quiet courtyard, drinking coffee. By the way, the aroma of fresh coffee played an important role here.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

In other cases, when the apartment was not sufficiently cleaned, the objects of the owners or previous tenants were placed everywhere, it was evident that the potential tenant was trying to leave such an apartment as soon as possible and did not further consider it among the main options. There was a similar reaction to apartments with old wallpaper, torn curtains and other disorder.

With increasing competition in the rental housing market, the role of such subjective factors will only increase. But the competition is really growing. If 5 years ago there were 5-7 high-quality offers per client for a 4-room apartment, today such a client can consider up to 15 alternatives.
Despite the many criteria for tenants when choosing an apartment for rent, appearance is the main factor that determines the price and speed of delivery of an apartment, which depends entirely on the landlord. And here it is important to remember that you only have one chance to make the right first impression on a potential tenant.

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