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Why sign an apartment acceptance certificate

I am often asked why sign the acceptance certificate when renting an apartment. It seems to many that the signed lease agreement and the received prepayment is quite enough, and if there is also a security deposit, then that's it, no problem. I will never stop repeating: the documents must be in order. Correctly executed documents are your guarantee in case of problems. Yes, you may be lucky and the relationship between the landlord and the tenant will remain rosy, as on the day the lease was signed, or perhaps not. What if someone from the parties forgets what the apartment looked like when it was rented out, or that during the transfer there was a carpet on the floor, and there was already a scratch on the door and more. But this is still a trifle, it can be even worse .... Then the problems must be solved through the courts. And in order to decide anything through the court, the documents must be in order. Here we will need an act of acceptance and transfer of an apartment for rent, since it is the act, and not the lease agreement, that confirms the fact of transfer of property and the apartment itself for use.


The lease agreement only fixes the agreements reached, the basic terms of the lease. By the way, it does not matter whether the lease agreement is drawn up for a day, a month or years, an act must be drawn up. I will tell you how to correctly draw up an act in another post, here I just want to convey the importance of signing it. I will give an example for confirmation. Let's say that the lease says that the tenant is responsible for damage to third parties. Let's say the tenant flooded the neighbors due to the fact that he himself decided to fix the siphon in the kitchen without the consent of the landlord. If the landlord has an act confirming the fact that the plumbing was in good working order during the transfer of the apartment, the tenant will compensate for the damage. If there is no act, then it is the responsibility of the owner of the apartment. Therefore, when signing the lease, be sure to take care of signing the acceptance certificate, and go to sign it with full responsibility. This way you will protect yourself from many problems.

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